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Jessicavanderweert photographer

With a meticulous eye for detail and a ‘mini film’ approach to photography, Jessica van der Weert’s images are created on a huge scale. Colourful, quirky, bold and candid, her photographer’s eye hones in on the surreal and creates an image of mind-blowing proportions.


Whether shooting a global ad campaign, a highly stylized portrait or a candid snapshot, Jessica’s photographs take the viewer on an exploratory journey through the mediums of humour and powerful storytelling.


With a thorough approach to planning, research, styling and conceptualisation, Jessica has worked on numerous brands including Adidas, BMW/Mini, Ray Ban, Vodafone, Club 18-30, South West Trains, Nissan, The Department for Work & Pensions, Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation.


Jessica’s work has been displayed in galleries, on billboards, in magazines and online throughout the UK.

Jessica van der weert flip side